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When a second-parent adoption is finally complete, it can be a relief — but Ms. Retrieved 12 June It allows a life partner who is not a biological parent of their partner's child or children to gain parental responsibilities on a temporary or permanent basis. Canada has no nation-wide law legalizing same-sex adoption, but rather has smaller provincial laws that cover the entire nation. A common fear of many persons who oppose the rearing of children by a homosexual couple will result in the child becoming homosexual themselves.

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This article is meant to be a general summary of legal obstacles that LGBT couples are likely to face in Singapore.

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Walker due to the fact Obergefell had not yet been decided. Washington Post. Retrieved September 7, SINGAPORE - The authorities are reviewing adoption laws, as well as looking into the issue of surrogacy, following a recent landmark case involving a gay father adopting his biological child who was conceived through a surrogate in the United States.

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