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If gay marriage does become a constitutional right, there is still the possibility of redefining marriage as a legal institution whose special privileges, rights, and responsibilities apply only to those unions in which children are involved. In those days, blacks actually were denied certain rights that others enjoyed like the right to vote. And she will have changed too. Ensure that all members of the school community understand what the policies are and why they are important. It is a well known fact that women adapt better to polygamy than men to polyandry. Follow Us. Straight men must convince a straight woman to have sex with them.

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Now we have constitutions, rights, laws, police, lawyers, juries, judges, journalists and twitter.

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But there are very many far more important things for politically involved citizens and their representatives to do than figure out how exactly to sanction your lifestyle. Are you saying that now your form of marriage is more worthy than someone else's? It is now full of wealthier individuals who enjoy the same rights and protections that she does.

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Brown, the American founder of the National Organization for Marriage, has suppored the referendum.

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