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He loved people and got to know them, despite behaviors in their lives that He didn't endorse. Jessica August 2, at 2: Metropolitan Community Churches An affirming Christian denomination, founded inwith congregations in most US States and in 22 countries. His child lives here to she now he refuses to work or leave his room. It would be harmless if you were not selling spiritual poisoning to desperate LGBT children.

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WUSE who cast a love spell that brought back my husband home with me and my kids if you wish to contact Dr.

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List of Christian denominations affirming LGBT

So I'm still treating him the same way I did before I knew about his sexuality. Perhaps Christians can own this issue by being kind and making a new friend. Now to be honest this hurts me alot to say but my parents will more than likely hate me for the rest of my life if I ever came out. But do not bear false witness on the word as you know better, and our God deserves no such scrutiny! Like all other women and men, lesbians and gays are called by God to live a life not for ourselves, but for others. He doesnt help hes lazy and so is his dad.

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You write that one definition of love is holding the tension of grace and truth. When Jesus started His ministry He said He was proclaiming good news, that His heart was to heal the brokenhearted, and to set captives free. We then learned at Christmastime that he was in a homosexual relationship with a 38 year old man our son is The Bible instructs, love your neighbor as yourself. There is no such thing as conditional compassion. God is an artisan who will adorn our lives "in pure gold and silver.

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