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Harry is bored after saving the world, and develops a new hobby. View freely available titles: Harry grabbed his towel off the hook and wrapped it around his waist self-consciously, quickly wishing he'd brought another towel to wrap around his shoulders as Draco contentedly shifted his eyes up to play upon Harry's chest. Warnings will be included if needed. With a flick of his wrist Harry dropped the towel, leaving it pooled somewhere at his feet. He needed to take a cold shower before he went to his next class; he did not want Pansy thinking she had anything to do with his current state of excitement. He felt untouchable up there among the clouds, as though the worries of the world were not his own, as though he could be anything, do anything, as long as he could keep his feet firmly off the ground.

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This is how Harry decided to become an erotic gay fiction writer.

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It was the highlight of his week now. He did not want to accept that the Gryffindor had saved his mother from Azkaban; he was having trouble with this for weeks. What could go wrong? If you find the subject matter not to your liking, please keep it to yourself. This made Draco blush and Harry laughed in horror at his own teasing. Book titles OR Journal titles.

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He couldn't help but be impressed. Basically Harry has sex with lots of dudes Also in the pink box was a card with the instructions. Just In All Stories: Harry Potter has a problem, and the only way to relieve himself of this issue is through a sleeping Ronald Weasley.

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