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I tried a few more times, then decided that i had slept in a bed with him before and it wasn't going to hurt anything to do so again. Everything Changes at 21 Pt. Up and down my soft lips covering his beautiful cock, he was moaning very soft but very noticeable. I sat down at the bar and ordered a vodka gimlet. I got a nibble. Not a good situation.

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Dad Started It He's learned you can't put the Genie back in the bottle.

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I moaned with pleasure as his thrusting picked up pace, and it began to turn into hard, quick, deep thrusts. Dad and I were going out to have a father and son cocktail. We grabbed some burgers, chips, veggies, and headed over to the living room to watch some TV. I reached back and guided it in myself. I walked over and tried to wake him up.

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Father and Son Moments I think back to times I've spent sharing a room with my son. The partition between the urinals is sufficient to make it difficult to peek at the guy next to you. The guy is blond, slight of build about lbs and 5ft 4in tall, clean looking with a bit of a darker five o'clock shadow. Well, at least I won't be doing any driving. Mom Leaves for the Weekend Time alone for dad and son. I got a nibble. Driving thru Illinois, watching nothing but flat land, corn fields and telephone pole after pole whipping by has to be the most boring piece of land in the country.

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