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He rules the city in a way Ba-ba-bim, ba-ba-bim! U of Nebraska Press. Thing-Fish is an album by Frank Zappaoriginally released as a triple album box set on Barking Pumpkin Records in The release of the album was delayed when Barking Pumpkin Records ' previous distributor, MCArefused to distribute the album. Comedy rock hard rock. Views Read Edit View history.

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Please don't look the other way You could be just like him tomorrow!

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The story ultimately ends up following these characters through a series of ideological fads. Congress Shall Make No Law The Real Frank Zappa Book. The Thing-Fish album was identified as an "original cast recording". Burroughs ' The Naked Lunch. Maybe his lover should be thanking him For the way he makes it sprinkle Into drops of Golden Rain Well!

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Don't you tell me this Maybe later I guess it's okay, l-look at his woman, yeah Wha-- the boy's into rubber every night! Congress Shall Make No Law He's got a role he wants to play Aww, look, have you ever smelled rubber? U of Nebraska Press. Maybe he wants a little spanking Maybe he'll eat a little chain Some chain

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