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Perhaps the only concrete answer is to educate users. These statistics are specifically gathered from the United States. Kochan, In the end, though, much of the burden of privacy is on the individual user. This predictive power works even though one knows nothing about you, as long as one knows something about your friends. It is a fundamental of taxonomy that nature rarely deals with discrete categories.

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Specifically, we will analyze how seemingly innocuous friendship associations reveal intimate details about Facebook users.

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Our own study revealed a disproportionate number of bisexual subjects at MIT compared to the literature on frequency of bisexuality. For humans, the social channel capacity is about people. Because the edge counts of the remaining nodes were reduced by this removal, the process was iteratively repeated until the number of nodes in the graph remained unchanged. Such a lack of disclosure may give users the feeling that the provided controls are arbitrary inconveniences rather than protections against real threats.

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