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One notable exception in the body of gossip literature is Ulf Hannerz, conducting work in an African-American ghetto outside of Washington D. For example Kulick, discussing a work by Barrettconcludes the following from the work: I am interested in talking and making new friends. I am a regular guy that enjoys connecting through conversation and spending time together. Nice guy looking for friends and maybe more.

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I agree with Kulick's critique that identity may not be a useful indicator of a queer language and we must direct our focus from identity to a language of desire.

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Each location specifies possibilities for a hegemonic body, and the resultant system of allotment of symbolic capital. By bringing together Butler's idea of matter as process enmeshed in discursive production and Bourdieu's idea of symbolic capital, I hope to explore how gossip, gossipers, and gossipees function rationally, logically, and intentionally to control the flow of symbolic capital. Thrillman, 45 years. I have lived in Tucson for seven years and have been a part of the bar-going scene for the last 2 years.

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Instead of a focus on a gay and lesbian language, Kulick calls for researchers to look at the manners in which gays and lesbians use language tools, tools existant and usable by everyone, in very specific and unique possibly queer?

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