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His uniform was neatly pressed as he waited to meet the Yank pilot he was opening his home to. MC Stories — Though the mm aka male on male section is mostly oriented towards gay, this website also hosts stories with heterosexual couples and loads of bisexual fantasy. Everyone is into different kind of kinks and while the pornographic world is filled with loads of videos, nothing can make your fantasies come to life as much as erotic stories. Premium Vintage Gay Porn. And yes, unlike some sites with a forum, the Lush community is highly active. A gay guy in jail is like gold to some people, meaning that his ass is for one thing and one thing only, being a cum dump hole for other men. I had a diving accident years ago and was fortunate to be able to be self sufficient, however not just a physical change was in […].

Still naked, he reached over to his pants and rustled through the pockets.

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Nifty Gay — Another site with tons of tales to choose from, Nifty Gay has somewhere in the neighborhood of over 10, stories uploaded so far. A Gay Sex — With thousands of well-tagged stories to choose from, a gay chat section, and even a page linking to hosted porn, this site has all of the basics. This was the second time I've gone along and I'm enjoying it. This site simply has the best erotic gay porn stories from the most talented and creative authors ever!

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While At Work.