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I could feel his erection growing in my hand. I slowly move down his shaft and gently kiss his balls, licking them, running my face over them, and then sucking one at a time every so softly. It was almost like magic, as his cock grew back into a big hard throbbing cock. I sat there, staring at the cock in my hand, not really thinking of anything but seeing what it looked like. I drove up one week-end and started work on Monday morning at the job site near Portland. Is oral reciprocation so necessary that it doesn't matter that we agreed in advance that I wouldn't have to? Although the baby ordeal is kind of scary.

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So here's what happened, one day, last november, he was over by himself without his girlfriend, and we got really stoned.

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Send to Kindle. So I have this best friend, who for the last 9 years, i've wanted to sleep with him, he's gorgeous, he's nice and he's crazy in the same ways I am for silly random adventures lol I don't know how, but I felt his hand on my ass, as he moved them rubbing the cheeks of my ass, as he gently slid my shorts down and ran his fingers onto my hole rubbing it, as his finger gently entered it. So now he even say's that I basically raped him because he was cuffed and didn't want to

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More by Dan Savage.

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