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Swimming in the Minnow's Mouth by Meanderings reviews Draco manages to steal something of value from his father and gives it to Dumbledore to keep safe. Take A Sad Song by Femmequixotic 3. Volunteers by Anna Fugazzi 3. In The Democratic Genre: I want to make C2, where people can find interesting fics about Harry. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And who would thought it would start off with some weird tasting milk.

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Tosenberger brings to the forefront the ways in which Harry Potter aligns itself with homosexual stereotypes; not necessarily negative ones, but typecasts that have endured and clued readers in for years:

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Harry Potter Slash (M/M) Fanfiction

McKinley High — where they realized just what they'd begun. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Harry Potter Slash Fanfiction. It takes just a minute! Much of what these scholars have to say on the topic of queer Harry Potter fan works is echoed by non-scholars as well. Honestly, there are probably tons of little gems sitting lonely and unnoticed in the vast unknown of GR I imagine I'd have appreciated it even more if I was middle-aged.

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Invisible to See by FayJay 3. It didn't matter she was Henrietta Potter because all he saw was Hattie. Therefore, straight readers and queer readers alike must unlearn societal damage by learning to recognize heteronormativity for what it is: And due to his famous status many men, women, boys, and girls wanted to be with the famous child. The basic plot exists mostly to string together and set up the sexual situations. McKinley High — where they realized just what they'd begun.

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