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Publications Pages Publications Pages. In a work of satires, another literary genre that Romans saw as their own, [29] Gaius Luciliusa second-century BC poet, draws comparisons between anal sex with boys and vaginal sex with females; it is speculated that he may have written a whole chapter in one of his books with comparisons between lovers of both sexes, though nothing can be stated with certainty as what remains of his oeuvre are just fragments. Homosexuality in ancient Rome often differs markedly from the contemporary West. These poems seem to demonstrate that such relationships could have a deep emotional dimension, [] and it is known from inscriptions in Roman ruins that men could be buried with their delicatiwhich is evidence of deep emotional attachment on the part of the master as well as of an erotic relationship between the pair in life. Wilde had made the green carnation a symbol by which homosexual men could identify one another. Aye in the ears of some girl whispering some silly tale:

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The other two poems are satiric, making fun of lesbian sex and kinky heterosexual practices.

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Pusio is etymologically related to puer, and means "boy, lad". The Evils of Sex Thoreau was a disciple of health reform movements advanced by such popular lecturers and writers as Sylvester Graham —remembered today mostly for his crackers but in his day a celebrity who could pack auditoriums. Analysis of post-Stonewall writers.

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Aye in the ears of some girl whispering some silly tale:

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