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As a result, Freud cautioned against seeing homosexuality as either unequivocally acquired or congenital Murphy, On the other hand, proponents of gay-affirmative therapy consider antigay social stigma and internalised homophobia, not sexual orientation, as the primary motivator of those seeking to change their sexual orientation. Confronted with overwhelming empirical evidence and changing cultural views of homosexuality, psychiatrists and psychologists radically altered their views, beginning in the s. Removal from the DSM. Finally, homosexuality could result from reaction formation 2: By asking me if I can help [your son], you mean, I suppose, if I can abolish homosexuality and make normal heterosexuality take its place. Bibliography for Facts About Sexual Orientation.

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Modern attitudes toward homosexuality have religious, legal, and medical underpinnings.

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A Letter from Freud (to a mother of a homosexual)

I wonder if it is any more possible for the therapist to remain neutral in working with gay clients, than it is for them to remain neutral over any other client except in the cognitive sense? April 11, at 6: Facts About Homosexuality and Mental Health. Yet, despite his view of constitutional bisexuality as the origins of homoeroticism, and efforts to protect homosexuals from social malevolence, Freud never asserted complete parity between homoeroticism and hetero-eroticism Weeks, The only vestige of ego dystonic homosexuality in the revised DSM-III occurred under Sexual Disorders Not Otherwise Specified, which included persistent and marked distress about one's sexual orientation American Psychiatric Association, ; see Bayer,for an account of the events leading up to the and decisions. Unfortunately, because of the way they were originally designed, most of these studies do not yield information about whether and to what extent such risks might be greater for various subgroups within the sexual minority population e. Working with ego-dissonant gay clients.

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Journal of Counseling Psychology43, Adult sexuality was defined as penile-vaginal intercourse, and oral and anal sexuality were labelled immature vestiges of childhood sexual expression. Zoologist and taxonomist Alfred C. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ego dystonic homosexuality was indicated by: A Letter from Freud in:

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