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Checks out with boat stuff having pretty gay rep and all. The girls in the color guard were all buff, tall, babes who could dance. Then I played softball for a season and decided I hated team sports and switched to swimming. We had great chemistry on the court, wanted to murder each other off the court. Ben Cohen, David Beckham, Michael Phelps are just a few of the famous athletes caught on camera kissing another guy, accidentally grabbing their crotch, or pictured in otherwise unexpected sexual positions, in these funny gay pictures. Kevin and Martin"s Road Trip.

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These gay moments in sports might not reflect the athletes' sexual orientations, but they certainly seem homoerotic at first glance.

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The Sports That Made You Gay, Ranked

Also, honorable mention goes out to curling, which according to Kayla is a gay sport. I think basketball made me gay! The whole experience ten years later makes for such a fun story. You need to login in order to like this post: Whether they're gay football pictures, or a homoerotic wrestling moment, they're sure to make you laugh.

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They were lovely, but had a social where the activity was making table decorations for one of the three straight weddings that team members were having that summer. A big big gay thing. In elementary school I played baseball, soccer, and basketball, then switched to marching band in high school. I had just been given information that was turning my whole world upside down. He was mocking me, and rightly so.

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