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Golf is a hard sport to be out in. They have relationships with large corporate sponsors, and their fanbase is for the most part, conservative. In fact, the LPGA took a vote with the players and they agreed that the tour should not play unless everyone was welcome. Her sexualty was not a prominent concern until she began playing professionally. I think this would make a big difference and create more exposure opportunities for us players. Of course, while the LPGA do not fly the rainbow flag from their offices, they do not discriminate against players based on their sexual orientation.

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The LPGA could have lost sponsors and fans.

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LPGA golfer Mel Reid comes out as gay, citing 'fight for equality'

Sports Illustrated Vault online: There is only one of you in the world and you have one life, so be the best version of yourself and be proud of who you are. Today, Muffin absolutely loves focusing and developing her rich, body-mind gifts on the art of glass-blowing. But is that enough? Two decades ago, she chose authenticity, inner peace and pride over the perils of coming out. It was a relief, and almost a non-event in hindsight. After a time you might not even be aware of it anymore, but you have that much less energy to apply in your life.

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But is that enough? Sports Illustrated Vault online: The organization prides itself as open and welcoming. To its credit, the LPGA has done much to offer athletic opportunities and to empower young girls and women through golf. I truly believe that keeping a secret is an energy-consuming act.

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