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F-ing J — Flying J truck stop. Crackerhead A derogatory term; insult. Evil Knievel A law enforcement officer on a motorcycle. We use to call it Mickey Mouse. Some tanker terms for ya!

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Downstroke Driving downwards, downhill, on a decline.

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Bristol man installs 10ft antenna on roof for CB radio

No not a big truck I know. A mile marker on the highway. Cows Headed to Stockyard to fatten up before going to slaughter. We called the state troopers smokeys tho… Is that still appropriate? But he told us straight out that he might not hire us because of that.

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Go fast, step on it. Register for a new account. Salt shaker The road maintenance vehicles that dumps salt or sand on the highways in the winter. Smokey or Smokey Bear. If your radio doesn't have sideband, don't worry about Q codes. Big word Closed, when referring to weigh stations. What Is Correct Time.

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