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The application claims that Georgia failed to effectively protect the participants of LGBT march and did not investigate or adequately punish the perpetrators. As they sit on the beach discussing the film, both actors stress the movie is about freedom and dreams as much as it is about the reality facing homosexuals. Protestors carried images of Jesus and signs reading "Stop promoting homosexual propaganda in Georgia" and "We don't need Sodom and Gomorrah. We are two organizations — united with a common vision but serving unique functions in our work to achieve equality. Home Stay informed Media centre Contact.

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Italyhe reminded the Government that not recognising same-sex relationships is a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.

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Bernie McGee Dies: Sanford Bishop Jr. Sandro Bregadze, one of the leaders of the organization, said "they will have to march over our dead bodies if they decide to hold this celebration of perversion". Georgia does not recognize same-sex unions, either in the form of marriage or civil unions.

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Both under Czarist rule and the Soviet rule, male homosexuality was prohibited in Georgia.

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