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It is still a very conservative community, despite of what people say. I am from Thailand which I have Malay boyfriend everyday and every time we have to keep close our relationship from his family. However, I managed to remain strong. Our duty is to share information, news, tips and more on travel and tourism from the many countries in Asia and Greater Asia. Fuss-free, comfortable and most importantly economically priced.

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I just keep the balance, not rocking the boat.

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The life of gay people in Muslim Malaysia

Do you foresee a time when being gay or lesbian will be accepted in Malaysia? Inthe Government banned anyone who is homosexual, bisexual or transsexual from appearing in the state-controlled media. For Bloggers Submit Blog. LGBT rights in Malaysia. Yuki Vivienne Choe, 34, is a transsexual lesbian, advocate and feminist who watches both the LGBT movement and the ex-gay movement from a distance, writing for different webzines and blogs on her observations; while she considers herself a true Woman-Born-Transsexual, she still stands for equality and rights of all gender variant individuals and homosexuals. I had prayed to be not who I am when I was younger, but that never helped.

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Fuss-free, comfortable and most importantly economically priced. You see and feel its influence everywhere you go. Find travel tips for Malaysians. Gay culture is till under wraps and only thrives at discos, spas, online, behind closed doors. Malaysia retains its colonial era criminal ban on sodomy as well as oral sexbroadly defined to include both heterosexual and homosexual acts, with possible punishment including fines, prison sentences of up to twenty years, and even corporal punishment. One of my friend says there are a few seemingly gay-friendly commercial spots in KL.

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