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I was loving every second. I flinch when people say "that's gay" or "faggot", because I know sometimes, my brother has to hear someone say that, too. I worry for my kindhearted, brilliant, shy brother in a world filled with so much discrimination. Over and over, my Dad screamed, "I don't believe it. First the gays, then Spongebob and now Harry Potter? Despite our differences, we still cared a lot about each other, even if we didn't always have much to talk about. Growing up, were were never that close.

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Aretha Franklin funeral bishop apologises after being accused of groping Ariana Grande.

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'I came out as gay to my older brother - only for him to come out to me too'

Finally, I know why. About Attitude Advertise Get in touch Subscribe. We got to the bar and as I was being searched by security I was trying to get a peek through the glass doors to see what it was like inside. I asked Josh a few times if he was planning on telling them anytime soon. He hooked up with girls in high school. He tried to be straight for a long time, because that is what society and my family wanted him to do.

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I think the hardest part for my Mom was that Josh felt as if he couldn't tell her. And Harry Potter was a sin. Besides, I had my brother with me. He hooked up with girls in high school. You may also like Finally, I know why.

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