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He has a tendency to be rather annoying and has a strong sense of morality. Nolan invited him to the party and discovered that he was non other than Victoria Grayson's first born, Patrick Osbourne. Aiden told him that Niko would leave to go after Gregor, and Nolan told him that she would find him and kill him, a proper revenge for Declan. Nolan and Jack are best friends. Then he discovered hot yoga.

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They first met when Amanda left juvie and he gave her the Infinity Box that her father gave to him.

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Having suffered no traumatic injuries, his condition was a mystery. In " Resurgence ", Nolan finds an oportunity to close an old wound. Jack told him not to tell a thing to Margaux about Conrad. When Nolan reveals that he is actually investing in AllCom's competitor, the stock prices rapidly drop and Bill's company loses billions of his investors' dollars.

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When Nolan found out that the Porters are having financial difficulties he offered to give the boat back to Jack at the end of the summer.

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