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Intelligence agent Mari Saari [ There was an element of green screen where you need to be so specific. You hit the nail right on the head. Follow EF Television on social media: When we were filming this every day it was like playing in the playground. Please fill out this field with valid email address.

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Is the wind blowing in my hair?

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Tamala Jones And Sarah Shahi Come Out As Gay Allies

Throughout the course of the show they start coming out of the program so to speak and start haunting me. Tell me a little bit about the show and what people can expect when it debuts…. Previous video Next video. Does it excite you to be able to play such different roles? It was like winning the lottery, going to work every day to the cast and the crew question. Is this really happening? She urged fans to start writing scripts and creating more content featuring gay and bisexual women.

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I thought the weirdest was the sort of lap-dance-on-the-toilet scene with Mia Kirshner. I have no aversion to playing a gay character again, but it would definitely have to be the right role. The proposal received local planning approval Tuesday from the Spelthorne Borough Council, despite some objections from area residents. You hit the nail right on the head. NBCUniversal The concept of the show is very timely, especially give then uncertain political times we live in. Sarah Shahi reveals all about her new show Reverie.

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