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You're also assuming a trans person will be automatically offended if they hear a word. They're fictional and in no way representative of traps or transgender people. Transsexual means having hormones and surgery in slang terms in the community we call both "trans". They either dress like the women of their culture and are male or they dress like the men of their culture and are female. Spaghetto, Please read the dictionary definition I cited. Actually plebs while you all have decent points, you're also all completely wrong. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore.

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I don't think there is a word for such a thing.

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In short, if you were really doing what you seem to be saying you do you would know better. I didn't make up my own defintion. Who ever said that?

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Use of the word trap is then a way of stating that the persons intent is to snare straight men.

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