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The comic centers on Ozy and Millie, two young foxes attending North Harbordale Elementary School in Seattlecontending with everyday elementary school issues such as tests and bullies, as well as more surreal situations. Some raise money for charity. Abel thinks they're adorable; Guile, patience run out, leaves. The Brutes from Halo combine various traits of gorillas and bears perhaps with a bit of rhino thrown in. From Schlock Mercenary the Ob'enn who look like four-foot bipedal koalas. June This portal's subpages should be checked. The Pila in David Brin's Uplift universe are Heavy Worlders who look like gray four-foot teddy bears with short snouts and funny hairs around their eyes, and their voices are so high-pitched that they need special equipment for many species including humans to even hear them.

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Perhaps the most familiar examples are Star Wars 's Wookiees which also have some ape - or Bigfoot-like aspects and Ewoks tribal warriors resembling teddy bears or perhaps drop bears.

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Ursine Aliens

They don't really fight among themselves, and their main enemies are a number of predatory species. Retrieved from " https: Abel thinks they're adorable; Guile, patience run out, leaves. BattleBlock Theater has a gigantic bear wearing star pasties living in space who is shot down at the end of the game by a huge laser coming from an infernal top hat. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh in June See also Beast Man. In fact, their obsession with direct combat leads to them developing a method to defeat the Silicoids ' natural Deflector Shields most races just shoot at them using their high-pitched voices in a manner similar to how a singer can shatter a crystal glass with her voice.

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When Geary first sends a visual message, he smiles, only to be told by an "expert" that what he's just done is show them his predatory teeth Truth in Televisionmost animal "smiles" are, in fact, warnings to stay away. Technically the Ursas of the Terracide setting 6th edition Hero System aren't aliens, but genetically-engineered humans. They're noted for being good-humored and good-natured Gentle Giants. In Guardianmany humans back home are disgruntled that they fought against living teddy bears — and with the help of aliens that are revolting mixtures of wolf and spider in appearance. Conway has been involved in fan activities since the early s. A second edition was printed in The following Wikimedia Foundation sister projects provide more on this subject:.

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