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Paul is red-green colorblind. Retrieved October 18, I just had one open competition where I was percent. But if they are gay for each other— oh to be a fly on that wrestling bedroom wall. George lost, of course, to the delight of cheering fans.

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Retrieved April 14,

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More in Editors' Picks: When the duo of Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo began wrestling together, they increasingly became physically affectionate with one another, eventually adopting matching red wrestling outfits and dyeing their hair blond. Retrieved January 24, And so, he began wearing brightly colored pastel costumes, bleached his hair blond, wore glitter makeup, pig tails and would escape pins by kissing his opponents. High School Sports Cleveland. He also famously put makeup onto his defeated rivals to humiliate and emasculate them, his queer calling card.

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Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Retrieved October 27, Retrieved June 10, Retrieved October 6, Oddly, he never put on a feminine voice, speaking in a deep voice, save the occasional flitting hand gesture. Finally reunited after four years, the two embraced as celebratory confetti rained upon them. Afterwards, Omega became a villain in a group of wrestlers known as The Bullet Club, angrily refusing to discuss Ibushi in interviews.

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