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Retrieved from " https: School of Happiness inactive. The Dalai Lama often makes a distinction between a religious and a secular point of view: Retrieved 15 May Buddhist Society of Western Australia. Ajahn Brahm claims that there is no valid historical basis for denying ordination to bhikkunis. I will not leave this life until I have established the bhikkhu sangha, bhikkhuni sangha, laymen, and laywomen Buddhists:

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I was given a chance, and I see in the UK right now, women in Theravada Buddhism are not given a chance; because of their birth they are not permitted to take full ordination in Theravada Buddhism, which, personally, because of my upbringing, [I think] is unacceptable.

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Ajahn Brahm

In this and so many other ways, he is an extraordinary monastic and man. How can we look for solutions? HH the Dalai Lama is one of the best known faces of contemporary Buddhism in the world. It has also set quite a high bar for future generations of Dharma teachers. It also requires that we are prepared to critically examine our traditions and look at what is authentic and what is not. One of those values was fairness, where people are given equity.

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As a consequence, Eastern Buddhist teachers occasionally misjudged the cultural sensitivities that accompany the discussions on equal rights for sexual minorities in the West. This standpoint was quite upsetting to the Western Buddhists present. The Dalai Lama often makes a distinction between a religious and a secular point of view: This shows for instance in the support of many Buddhists for same-sex marriage. So the next project. Philosophy and Buddhist Studies.

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