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A man Harvey had first met three decades before started coming to Man's Country to pass Sunday afternoons after the death of a partner. InRenslow and his partner of three decades, Ron Ehemann, opened the nightclub Bistro Too in another section of the building. They married four years ago. It was closed in the 90s, around the time that Man's Country became an Internet pornography pioneer, posting videos of strippers' performances to the Web. They showed up and actively participated in what was previously a zone of pure testosterone.

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I'm interested in being myself and being fabulous in a space that is not primarily interested in me.

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The men spat in the submissive's face after climaxing, and he'd dutifully answer, "Thank you, sir. A lot of us grow up not being able to experience sex like other adolescents do, and I think that this is a response to a lot of that. They will need a place like this eventually again because on Grindr you see what you get. There were no speeches or toasts. Last night, partly because it was our final night, the excess seemed to dominate.

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Against the stage, two muscular guys engaged in aggressive anal sex, but no one seemed to bat a lash. It was definitely a space. To commemorate Man's Country's closing, Ehemann decided to host two parties at the bathhouse, one in mid-November and the final one on New Year's Eve. Some of the action looked disturbingly rote, some utterly joyous. Last night, partly because it was our final night, the excess seemed to dominate. Harvey, now a bookseller, was brought back to work the front desk in the weeks before the closing.

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