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Opposition leader Juan Guaido took to the streets with a small contingent of heavily armed troops in a call for the military to rise up and oust Madur. The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Minds. Thanks for subscribing! How do you feel? Are you a big superhero fan? Speaking of acting like a selfish, ignorant fool, why the hell would anyone complain about news stations warning people that a tornado is barreling towards them?

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You people are beyond idiotic.

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It not-so-subtly imparts the message that a man who loves another man is somehow blinded and brainwashed—a slave to villainous influence. As cold air from the north recedes, warm and humid air comes in from the sea and as the water near the coast is still rather cold, the warm and humid air may be cooled sufficiently by the underlying cold water. White Canary Caity Lotz had a dalliance with Alex Danvers Chyler Leighthe sister of Supergirl, but the biggest surprise was the reveal of the relationship between the Ray and Citizen Cold Wentworth Millerwhich included an onscreen kiss. This is a flood that has already killed 13 people.

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I'm talking about the hate-filled comments that always show up after a tornado or hurricane pass through.

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