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In the first contemporary novel from Burma, published since a dictatorial regime has virtually closed the country, Nu Nu Yi writes about a festival where spirit mediums called Natkadaws who are usually transvestites are paid to pray for solutions to people's problems for steep payments. The ancient Greeks, in particular, explored the theme on a variety of different levels in such works as Plato's Symposium. If neither Elton or Wray can learn to compromise, they will lose out on their one chance at love. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Journal of the History of Sexuality. It's difficult, into divorce the rich subject of sexual desire from the fact that it revolves around a year-old boy. Babycakes by Maupin, Armistead Call Number:

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At the age of ten, Kimia travelled across the Kurdish border and through Turkey to eventually land in France when her parents flee Iran.

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He discovers that he is attracted to an Italian bartender while at the time being engaged to an American woman. Steven Spielberg directed the adaptation of the film that starred Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, and Oprah Winfrey and earned several Oscar nominations. April 27,

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This volume brings the story of the characters in the Tales of the City series up to date.

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