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This is reality. Although Sekaiichi Hatsukoi doesn't wield a hentai trait, fear not, as Takano will jump Onodera every single time he sees a chance to. The fighting instructor in the "Self Defence" episode is rampantly homophobic, but also seems to enjoy grabbing Alfie's crotch. Since he's a new employee, he becomes the target of verbal abuse from his boss Takashi Daijou. These two men are on the opposite sides of the political scale of the time, yet something happens and their fate becomes intertwined for good. The burden of proof is also more evenly placed -- the test is whether the story could affect how a reasonable man sees the complainant.

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If they finally come out of the closet, no one will even pretend to be surprised. But, no, it's Captain Li Shang. Oh, my apologies, I forgot that you're the sexual scourge of womankind. This part is longer with a more romantic tone than the other.

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His hair, his make up, his handheld poodle, his sense of style - Mugato is gay folks.

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