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Many of the rights and freedoms that all LGBT people won were down to the struggles of black and minority ethnic people: In this context it becomes the equivalent of saying, "You are hot for an Asian person. In our journey for belonging, maybe awareness is the first step that we should take collectively to accept all the parts that come together to make us who we are. Now, is this wrong? Jason also felt that other Asian men were culturally more family orientated and more open to monogamy and dating, whereas western guys appeared to be focused on sex.

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The tension of east and west and some of its complexities are especially exhibited in our dating scene.

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Sticky Situations: Why Don't Hot Asians Want Each Other?

And that's completely fair and valid. I pondered over it as they climbed into a taxi together, and as they disappeared up the hill it struck me: Our hope is to raise awareness around the problems modern gay men face online and in real life and be a part of the discourse that works to create more tolerance and empathy for diversity in the online dating world. Of course it isn't. Granted, I myself have been seen with my own share of non-Asian men, and there is heavy judgment from some sticky-rice Asians, as if I'm betraying my own race by opening my Great Wall to outsiders, particularly if the guy is white. But that's probably the point, isn't it? Later that night I was having a cigarette outside when the two of them stumbled out, rip-roaring drunk.

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Why not do that with race and romance? Signout Register Sign in. The first video in the series shows a white gay man and an Asian gay man swapping profiles, and the results are eye-opening. Of course it isn't. The white user explains to host Billy Francesca that he received far less interest as an Asian man, and ended up having to ask race-related questions like 'Are you into Asians?

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