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Start with this comment. But men soon began to avoid such intimacy, for fear of being called queer. It's a gay man's bar. This, in effect, was Fry's -- and Yale's -- standard line. Top Posts Of The Month. Still, students who found their way into the underground discovered a more vibrant gay scene at Yale than they -- or we -- might have expected.

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All of them felt the pressure to date women, to suppress any sign of effeminacy, and to put on a straight face to the world.

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If you don't see your submission in the new queue after 10 minutes, send a message to the mods and we'll check it out. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I didn't feel safe, Sorry to hear that and women have told me they didn't feel welcome. Why are you so interested in people's opinions on this place? Does New Haven have pride every year, and if so, when does it take place and what do you do for it? Some undergrads gravitated toward those gay scenes, or found their equivalent in the Yale Dramat and other theater and a cappella groups.

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As intended, the great damage wrought by this unequal contract was that many, many students struggling to understand and come to terms with their sexuality never found other people like themselves, never knew such people even existed at Yale. It's a gay man's bar. For more information on New Haven Pride, please check out their official website. Sapphic Saturday's may be different It is! I didn't feel safe, and women have told me they didn't feel welcome. Any fun Gay Bars in new Haven?

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