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They like cowboys too. Secondly, well, if you hear it "all the time," then obviously it's true for whoever tells you that. It may also be a little hard to convince my parents. Feb 16, Posts: I personally like hoops and hinge earrings, preferably in black or silver. But, honestly, I agree with Bird. Well if I ever get a nose piercing, it'll be on the right just because that's where I think it'll look best.

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Sep 24, Posts:

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if i get my nose pierced on the right does that mean that im gay?

This topic is locked from further discussion. Never understood that line of thinking. Just get both pierced so no one can say anything But I can agree that getting both done looks better than getting one done. TBH, when I see a guy with ear piercings I percieve him as fem. Yup I pretty much regard guys with piercings as gay. Do as you please, it's your own body and of course it can be taken out, but you'll kind of risk looking like an idiot with it either way.

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As for your parents, you're on your own there. Don't it's dumb be a man and don't get your ears pierced. Pirate Nothing wrong with having both ears pierced unless you wearing hoop earrings. MrPraline Follow Forum Posts: Where did this even come from?

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