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This is one of the worst pages I've seen on Wikipedia. Third, how come if David Blaine were to do the exact same tricks, no one here would call him a phony? Because it's all fake and the audience is fake. I left in the weaselly "Many viewers and critics allege I thought the Discography section might look more organized in a table, so I created one and put it on my user page here.

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How can he be the Magician of the Year when it's only ?

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Theres only info about his show Believe The only logical explanation is that they digitally removed the structure that was holding both the camera and the wires. Criss Angel is synonymous with magic. This page seems pretty biased. But there is no structure that the wires could be attached to. Another comment I have is the use of "fagology" in the article.

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So you could argue back by saying they are all payed to act surprised. Therefore, I took the time and effort to locate proper citations, and reinstated the information with the necessary requirements of including properly cited sources for said information. His mother is Greek and his father is Iranian of Persian heritage. Second, as I stated before, he has done alot of the tricks he does on TV in his live stage shows. After the steamroller farce, done with a hole dug and laying on probably a matress, was there so little blood.

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