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Commissioned in but not approved by the U. This brief book looks at the life and times of Buchanan, and raises the possibility of his sexuality. Floyd despite an embezzlement scandal, though the latter did eventually resign. Buchanan described him as "among the best, the purest and most consistent public men I have known. Retrieved February 23, However, as the war came to an end, Buchanan argued for the annexation of further territory, annoying Polk, who suspected that Buchanan was primarily concerned with eventually becoming president. The arrangement lasted for years.

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Piece together the allegations, cross-reference a few footnotes, and skim some GLBT theory.

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Was James Buchanan The First Gay President? Why Some Historians Think So

Buchanan met repeatedly with Lord Clarendonthe British foreign minister, in hopes of pressuring the British to withdraw from Central America. Potter, David Morris In his third annual message, Buchanan claimed that the slaves were "treated with kindness and humanity. Oldest living President of the United States — Secondary sources [ edit ] Binder, Frederick Moore Two days after Buchanan's inauguration, Chief Justice Taney delivered the Dred Scott decisionasserting that Congress had no constitutional power to exclude slavery in the territories.

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If one believes the maxim that we learn more from failure than from success, Buchanan needs more study. Americans have conveniently misled themselves about the presidency of James Buchanan, preferring to classify him as indecisive and inactive Maybe he was married to his job. The Scarlet Thread of Scandal: Wilson Harding Coolidge Hoover F.

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