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A small but growing number of churches, such as the Rev. Unwed Sailor's Johnathon Ford discusses the history and evolution of his beloved band. Sign Up. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Harris and Sam Cooke, gospel superstars who served as lead singers of the Soul Stirrers, perhaps the greatest gospel harmony group ever. City Limits Magazine. James Cleveland won many awards for his groundbreaking compositions, including four gospel Grammy Awards.

In November ofRev.

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Malcolm Venable May Carter was finding his rhythm:. As Johnson puts it, "You can't throw a shoe back through history without hitting gay and lesbian women and even transgender singers. Some did not even get that far because no footage exists.

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Calvary was mostly empty on Saturday morning, except for a worshipper who stopped by to purchase a Treasure Box—a carton of groceries that the church sells to bargain-hungry members.