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Many people felt entitled to ask me about my body -- had I had "the surgery" yet? Kristen Aaquist from Reno, Nev. So it was definitely a dual life. I never spoke of it, I never cross dressed, I tried so hard to be him. I would put my dress on, put my stockings on, and then put, like, these baggy sweatpants over them, and then the jacket over that. Before then I didn't have a name for what I felt. There is that old man in me still, and it is important to allow both agents agency.

It feels like a long time ago.

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Roxanne Edwards from Fairfax, Va. She is out only to her wife and a few close friends, and began dressing in female clothing at the age of I have come so close to hanging myself, many times over the past years.

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Unfortunately, she was faster than me.