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They had stopped kissing but remained in a tight embrace looking deeply into each others eyes and whispering things I couldn't overhear, no matter how hard I tried. Post a Comment. By using our services, you accept the use we make. He's a great-looking guy, not just an actor, but a movie star. From that time on, roles that involved young heterosexual men, active aggressive men, I couldn't get a meeting," he said. He was so staunchly anti-Communist he could go.

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Why not straight actors playing gay guys?

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In fact Travolta has publicly denied homosexuality even going to trial. Taking to the part, chemically. Kathrein is one of the Travolta family's two nannies. The gays masturbate more Gayles.

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If still photographs of the few scenes of men kissing each other in mainstream films were ever shot by on-set photographers, those images would rarely find their way to mainstream publication.

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