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When the content relates to the experience — since childhood — of white people delegitimising your voice, then having to defend that before a group of white people who attempt to delegitimise your voice, is doubly painful and draining. Bankers earning enough in annual bonuses to buy an entire street. In discussions of Brexit, one might hear of the Protestant break with the centralized power of the Roman Catholic Church, or of the English Civil War, or peace treaties with Napoleon. A bookies' favourite is the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, known for eloquent witticisms and gobsmacking gaffes, ever ruffling his mop of blond hair like some chortling toff in a P. The battle proved so unsavoury as to disqualify the leading candidates. May burst into tears. Remarkably, given the premise, the argument became a race to the bottom.

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Twitter and the rest changed the world, but not as promised.

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I’ve had enough of white people who try to deny my experience

However, another EU demand — finding a plan for the border of divided Ireland — remains deadlocked. She started as the overwhelming favourite against a graybeard, granola leftie, Jeremy Corbyn of Labour, who was deemed far out even by many in his own party. What if their wishes could drive your country to ruination? Article text size A. The new ruling class shrank from nationalism and endeavoured through the creation of a European Union to link neighbours by their wallets. G eorge Orwell's essays are plump with insight, even 75 years after publication. May, asked recently how she'd vote if the referendum were held today, declined to answer.

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Unemployment is fantastically low. If you want to write a letter to the editor, please forward to letters globeandmail. Environmental regulations would be thrown into question. May then triggered a measure that irreversibly started the two-year countdown to departure, regardless of whether Britain has readied itself by then. But I think to me, the big one is the consequence of the crash," he said.

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