Transgender iran

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Like in other parts of the world, they can face harassment. Part of a series on. Text size Aa Aa. Our Observer Saman Arastou was born with female anatomy, but underwent a sex change operation in We've all experienced at least some part of this piece in my personal life.

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Before the revolution, she had longed to become physically female but could not afford surgery and wanted religious authorization.

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The gay people pushed to change their gender

Though seemingly supportive, Iran's approximately 50, transgender people still face challenges in the everyday lives. Saman Arastoo, formally Farazaneh, is a transgender man who acts and directs in Iranian theatres to give a platform to the struggle many transgender people face. In accordance with Shiite version of Islamic law. A Human Rights Watch report in outlined how Iranian security forces allegedly abused those it suspected of being LGBT people, though Iranian officials have denied that. More info in our Cookies policy page. The first person underwent surgery at the beginning of the s after Ayatollah Khomeini, the religious leader and politician who led Iranian Revolution and the founder of Iran as an Islamic republic, gave his green light Fatwa. Iran's transgender population is growing, with the number of applications for sex-reassignment surgery rising exponentially from in to in

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Inshe began to write letters to Khomeini, who was to become the leader of the revolution and was in exile. Arastoo explained how many transgender people were being forced into prostitution "just for somewhere to sleep or for money". All legal documents, such as birth certificates and passports, are also changed accordingly. But even with those caveats, the Islamic Republic's stance opens a startling margin of space for transgender people. Ohadi says transgender people rejected by their families can end up working as prostitutes as it is very difficult for them to find work. Over the years, I saw some psychologists but, ultimately, I had to deal with my struggle alone.

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