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He has performed breast augmentation on people who have been on hormones for less than a year, but in those cases has spoken with their personal physician. He has operated on prominent and influential transgender women, including authors, activists, counselors, and celebrities. Breast in transgender patients are firmer and denser because, unless they are significantly overweight, their breasts are predominately made up of glands that are enlarged from the hormone therapy. Some patients have had luck making their nipples larger with suction cups. Most trans women have insufficient levels of natural breast tissue to create a beautiful female profile, even after years of hormone therapy.

transsexual breast enlargement
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What is important is that a patient understand the risks and benefits of surgery, has a support system, and has thoroughly considered all of the issues.

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I was shown the utmost respect by every single person starting with Angela who guided the paperwork and credit card process over the phone to the receptionist, nurses, on-call nurses, and of course Dr. In these situations Dr. It is also problematic because the breasts of trans women are typically so dense that the mammogram would look very cloudy, with little visualization of the breast.

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Transgender Breast augmentation with implants.

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