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The houses lined on both sides, the beautiful balconies and everything around especially those flowers pots neatly decorated in balconies are just so beautiful. Venice had a slightly liberal stance towards Jews but they were still confined to a few jobs like banking and lending money. Take a peek at the Porta della Carta, a perfect example of Venetian Gothic architecture and at the monumental Scala dei Giganti. Every room is more beautiful than last and while Doge was head of the Venetians state and this was his palace, it has an awful lot of space for the rest of bureaucracy and even some dungeons and torture chambers…. I find this oddly satisfying because no matter how rich you are in modern you have the same means of transport, slightly ironical for a city built on riches for the rich… The main train station in Venice is Venezia Santa Lucia Railway station which is very convenient to go to the train station on mainland and it also has trains to neighbouring cities. The best of Venice.

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Mestre and Padua are the best places to discover gay life in the Veneto Region.

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The view is staggering and you can see the beautiful roofs of houses on each side. The interior absolutely matches the exterior, both grand and elegant. While it stands as a city in Italy today Venice is nothing like other cities in the country.

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Mark came here to Venice to this beautiful church.

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