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As their business grew so did the product line they carried and in they launched the Recordio. I knew I had seen the name before and then remembered that it was on one of the old records I had picked up some years ago. Wilcox was just a little company in in Charlotte Michigan making radios and transcription recorders. Label in gold, black, and white. I can only imagine the other discs floating around out there that may contain great music or have historical events on them. Scanned from the Radio Retailing June page

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In its debut year the Recordio device sold 25, units, but with the Great Depression underway and the adoption of magnetic tape the Wilcox-Gay Corp.

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All rights reserved. I haven't kept up with this project over the past few years, but here, at least, is an updated version of the labelography page, with certain links fixed. The example shown in green and white is on a steel-core disc.

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There are at least two color schemes, one 1A, 1B red, white, and black with a yellow recording area; the other 1C gray and black with a black recording area.

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