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If an LGBT person reports an incident of violence openly to the police, the police will come down against the victim and will say that the person got what they deserved. However, she also noted that, in general, it is "difficult to determine whether acts of violence against the LGBT community are not resolved because the police force does not care about the LGBT community or whether the community itself and the friends or family of victims do not give the police sufficient information to resolve these matters" ibid. Email to a friend Your name. She explained that young people who are LGBT "are in many instances subjected to psychological, spiritual and physical violence at the hands of their parents, guardians, teachers and peers" ibid. Accused in for the slaying of handbag designer Harl Taylor, Troyniko McNeil was found not guilty. Same-sex sexual activity illegal but not enforced. Tris Reid-Smith.

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Sexual orientation and military service. Current status since Jan 18, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Bahamas: Doug Jones urges vote for Equality Act.

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