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The website's critical consensus reads, " Moonlight uses one man's story to offer a remarkable and brilliantly crafted look at lives too rarely seen in cinema. The second chapter imitated the Agfa film stock, which added cyan to the images, while the third chapter used a modified Kodak film stock. He says one unfortunate side effect of leaning into masculinity too much is that men no longer want to be "caressed, or nurtured, or gentle," which is why a character like Juan may be puzzling to some audiences. New York Film Festival. When a social worker urges him to reveal his attackers' identities, Chiron refuses, stating that reporting them will not solve anything. Retrieved February 28,

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Juan describes it as "a word used to make gay people feel bad.

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Stories of Black Gay Men in the South are Seldom Told, Until Now

Suzy Byrne Editor, Yahoo Entertainment. Retrieved September 12, She proceeds to apologize for not loving him when he needed it and tells him she loves him even if he does not love her back. Naomie Harris was initially reluctant to portray Paula, stating that she did not want to play a stereotypical depiction of a black woman. Liberty Squarea housing project located in the neighborhood of Liberty Citywas chosen as one of the primary locations as both McCraney and Jenkins grew up in the area. I wish every black, gay man could have that experience. The film's poster reflects its triptych structure, combining the three actors portraying Chiron into a single face.

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Retrieved February 25, It was the first time someone had come to their community and wanted to represent it onscreen, and since Barry Jenkins had grown up in that area, there was this sense of pride and this desire to support him. Moonlight explores the effects of this felt powerlessness in black males. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has said that Smollett, 36, was being treated as a crime victim, but would be held accountable if cops learn he filed a false report. For individuals living with HIV, myself included, the stigma can be more harmful than the virus itself. Kevin comforts him and they embrace. Retrieved January 28,

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