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To not only share my story, but to shed light on the wonderful work being done by the many LGBTQ organizations in our region who work to raise our visibility, educate our allies, and support our community. Finally, what question should I have asked? A Video Parody Change the Conversation: When I was in 9 th grade, I learned that one of the boys I had gone to elementary school with was gay. Growing up in Maui in the early s as Brendan McDanniel, things were a little more crunchy granola. Erie Preferred Pronouns:

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When two guys randomly hook up on Grindryou can get away with the most perfunctory, basic pre-sex prep: The idea of a woman going to a male body is totally unheard of to most people. Yeah, I mean, where I work now is very trans friendly, but I've lost all my regulars who used to follow me religiously. They get a lot of judgement and misgendering based on that.

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I got absolutely pummeled into the ground one day by a client.

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