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Will the band carry on, or will it eventually implode? Jacqueline was part of a double A-side they released after This Fire. A couple of successful singles came out of this album. This one's a bit more assured and a bit friendlier for the dance floor. So little background cause there isn't too much to tell, a few years ago I was in a band with some friends we mostly did covers of stuff like Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Oasis, etc just Brit rock and stuff we like,with the occasional original song thrown in.

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I met up with large-footed lead singer Alex Kapranos and sexy, tattooed drummer Paul Thomson in December, and here's what we gabbed about over beer and fish 'n' chips.

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I always feel a bit embarrassed asking for more drinks because I don't want them thinking I'm a lush. On 26 Januarythe band released their third studio album, Tonight: Do not argue over what is entitlement and what is not.

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Some people just got the nerves though man.

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