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In your dreams", Steele said dismissively. So after letting himself enjoy it for about half a minute he pulled back, to the bigger dog's disappointment. So why wasn't he telling him what he meant? At least until a thought of his own appeared in Balto's head and the wolf-dog pulled away, tilting his head to the side. He could have just said no and remained difficult to work with, but Balto had won fair and square, and Steele despite his sour demeanor most of the time did want to be a good boyfriend, so he decided to make things easier for him.

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Balto managed to smirk one last time before Steele laid a fourth one on him.

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His ass was every bit as tight as Balto's had been when they first started, and he couldn't say he was looking forward to the widening process. Pretty soon it was smooth sailing, and both dogs began to let themselves enjoy the feeling of Steele humping his mate. Some people had pet names for their partners, these just happened to be Steele's it was certainly as endearing as the purebred was going to get. As for the people who've been waiting patiently for my other stuff, I know I shouldn't let myself get distracted like this.

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I might write fics for many different categories by the way, for anyone out there who likes All Dogs Go To Heaven I suggest checking out my Carface one-shot " Metamorphosis "; it could use some love and attention toobut whenever I return to the Balto category with a new story it always feels like coming home, thanks to you guys.

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