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Sincehe has regularly attended the Gathering of Nations Powwow, and performed as a host in Switch to the mobile version of this page. While Ballard has experienced his fair share of discrimination and homophobia in the comedy industry, he said he expects the Native-American crowd to fully embrace him. Comments 0 Savage Love: Every time I dance to house music, it rains — men.

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For more information, visit CharlieBallard. Cruel and Indefinite Punishment California wastes tens of millions of dollars a year keeping people in prison long after they've been rehabilitated — denying parole for arbitrary reasons and destroying lives in the process. Author Archives Trapped Part Two: Maybe you should've given me a chance! Ballard will host Stage 49, which showcases traditional and contemporary artists. Ballard said he's not shy about telling potentially offensive jokes.

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I can be a queer native and be accepted. The powwow is said to be the largest gathering of Native-American and indigenous people in the world, bringing together tens of thousands of attendees for music and dance performances across multiple stages. Comedy Open mic hosted by John Gallagher. Hosted and produced by Ash Fisher and Irene Tu. Ballard said he was driven to make the event even more successful after encountering straight performers who said they didn't want to be associated with a gay show. The last time Ballard hosted Stage 49, organizers praised him for "being over-the-top," he recalled, which he thought was funny given that his performance was, at least relative to his Bay Area gigs, fairly mild.

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