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Newsletters are the new newsletters. The designs are clean, the band colors are striking and the seams are flat to hide the lines when I wear my uber-skinny jeans. Sign up for the best of VICE, delivered to your inbox daily. You wear a backpack. If you wear boxers, you are one of three types of people. I've always been a fan of DKNY draws. Speaking of your middling boring life, you are also average in the schlong department, and this is the best way to hide it.

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Ultra sexy Ed Hardy presents his line of men's undies with these must-have open mouth tiger briefs.

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Say it loud: You wore those baggy bloomers under your "relaxed fit" jeans from the Gap or Old Navy if you were on scholarship and now they're under the pleated pants of a cheap suit that you wear to your job in finance, real estate, law, or something else that has to do with money; 2. And speaking of pride, you've been to at least one Gay Pride event, possibly showing off those briefs of yours.

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Not only do they have a functional fly, but each pair has 3D graphics that can be seen with the included 3D glasses, which I suggest giving to your partner for a little Frank fun.

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