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So I think people writing online might sound like thousands of people, but they are nine. Doctor Who companions Fictional pansexuals Fictional military captains Fictional characters introduced in Fictional characters with accelerated healing Fictional characters with slowed aging Fictional characters with death or rebirth abilities Fictional con artists Fictional secret agents and spies Fictional World War I veterans Fictional World War II veterans Fictional characters from the 6th millennium Fictional characters who became a protagonist in a spin-off Male characters in television Revived fictional characters Torchwood characters Crossover characters in television. The character of Ianto Jones is introduced in the first episode of Torchwoodin In the first series of Doctor Who Captain Jack was naked and cleverly hid a gun in a unique place. Lenora Rose - October 14, Retrieved from " http:

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One such comic, written in by John Barrowman and sister Carole E.

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Ianto Jones

The one thing that really struck people was his attitude — his carefree attitude, let's say — when he was on series one of Doctor Who. Jack Harkness as Byronic Hero". The novels Trace Memory[49] The Twilight Streets[50] and Something in the Water published March[51] are set during the concurrently airing second series of Torchwood. When Jack returns in the series two premierehaving seen the end of the worldhe attempts to formalise his romantic relationship with Ianto, successfully asking him on a date. He became a con man, and is unwittingly responsible for releasing a plague.

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Well you never know, it just might happen. Gwen's relationship with Jack. Tempest Bradford on Mar 4, in Nonfiction 8 comments Tags: In the programme's narrative, Jack is a time traveller and former con man from the 51st century. Later, a footnote amendment noted that

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